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Orthopedic Shoes Testimonials

I like to run and I always wear orthotics to help reduce stress on my joints. But when it comes to buying shoes, I have trouble finding proper runners, most become tight when I put my orthotics in. I got my orthotics at Orthomed couple of weeks ago and went back to get special orthopaedic runners, they are extra deep and come in different widths. Now I run every day, my orthotics and runners feel great.

Will, Mississauga

I have a huge headache when it comes to buying shoes because of my bunions and crooked toes, plus my diabetes is like a cherry on the top. I went to Orthomed clinic on referral from my doctor and got great pair of very comfortable shoes designed for diabetic feet with bunions. The top portion of the shoes stretches and the inside has no seams, I was explained that it is the best solution for diabetic feet. Shoes feel great and they are not as medical looking either. I am very satisfied with the service I received.

Maggie, Brampton

I don't have any problems with my feet, but I stand a lot on my job (I am a waiter) and by the end of the day my feet and legs feel heavy. My co worker told me to get comfort or orthopaedic shoes. I was reluctant for the longest time (my mother wears orthopaedic shoes and they look ugly). I googled orthopaedic shoes for Mississauga and got directed to Orthomed clinic, the site looked good so I went to the store on the weekend. They have very good selection of comfortable anti-stress shoes that look great (the only set back is they don't always have all the sizes, good shoes go fast). I am extremely happy with the shoes I purchased, I get complemented on how great they look, but most important they feel amazing.

Sasha, Mississauga

I think Orthomed Clinic is the best place to get good quality shoes that look good and are very comfortable.

Victoria, Brampton

I have high arched feet, staff at Orthomed helped me to select proper shoes and gave a lot of recommendations on orthotics. Overall good service, knowledgeable staff, just had to wait for 2 weeks for my shoes to come in (was a custom order).

Rayan, Mississagua

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