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Naturopathy Testimonials

I gained weight during the holydays, my girlfriend at work told me to visit a naturopath. I am very happy that I did, she designed a treatment package for me, gave me metabolism boosting supplements and indicated flaws in my current diet and life style. I already lost 5 lb (in 4 weeks), I feel great!

Jessie, Mississauga

Orthomed Clinic in Mississauga has very experienced naturopath and very high grade supplements and vitamins, I highly recommend them.

Barbara, Toronto

I had brittle nails and my hair started to thin out. I went to see a naturopath (my mom recommended the clinic) and she advised a great organic shampoo and conditioner, plus a special supplement for hair and nail growth. Its been couple of months now, results are wonderful, my nails are stronger than ever, plus I am growing new baby hair.

Lisa, Mississauga

I recently went through chemotherapy and was not feeling good afterwards. My friend advised me to see a naturopath and I did. The naturopath in Orthomed did a great job listening to my concerns and explaining how she can help support my body during this traumatic treatment. The vitamins and supplements worked very well, I felt much better. Thanks a lot for returning me to my normal self!!!

Steve, Toronto

I had strong headaches for a while, my doctor told me to take Advil.......massage therapist told me that its not related to muscle tension....So I got sick of taking pills and went to see a naturopath....She told me that my headaches might be caused by toxins and advised a great detox program......its been a month and I feel much better......who knew that toxins can be so harmful?

Joanne, Mississauga

I had severe acne and digestion problems (my doctor advised to take Acutaine, but I was kinda scared of the side effects), my mom took me to see a naturopath at Orthomed. The naturopath explained to me that my acne can be caused by my poor digestion and advised multi vitamins and skin replenishing complex as well as probiotics. It's been couple of weeks, my digestion is much better (no more bloating and gas), my acne has improved and my skin is clearing up. I recommend to see a naturopath to all my girlfriends.

Ranjit, Brampton

WOW, naturopathy really works!!! Solved my digestion and heartburn problems by visiting a naturopath at Orthomed clinic in Mississauga. Very good service, friendly people, good results. I also used my naturopathic coverage, got my money back from my insurance.

Mark, Mississauga

I am a professional skater, so for me keeping a balanced food regiment and taking vital supplements is very important for reaching top professional performance. I regularly see a naturopath to come up with a proper diet for my professional and personal needs. My naturopath helps me healthy, I recommend to see a naturopath to all my friends and fellow sportsmen.

Andy, Brampton

I am a house wife. I am very health conscious. I avoid taking and giving unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs to my family. I am a believer in natural healing. At Orthomed Clinic I met a wonderful naturopath that advises me and my family regarding diet, nutritional supplements, improving immune system, etc. I am very pleased with the services, she is very professional and knowledgeable. Naturopathy can help solving a lot of health problems naturally.

Sarah, Malton

I used to get very sick during the winter, but no's been a year that I am seeing a naturopath and she has designed an immune boosting package for of all, it's all natural and it really works!!! I brought my husband, my mother and my brother to see my naturopath......I feel that I am much healthier and have more energy now than before.

Viviene, Missisauga

I had strep infection and my doctor prescribed antibiotics, as I finished taking them I noticed I got more gassy and experienced indigestion, plus my skin worsened. I go to Orthomed Clinic for massage therapy, there I got advised to see a naturopath regarding my indigestion. The naturopath told me that I need to take natural gut bacteria (probiotics) in order to normalize my digestion, she explained that antibiotics killed my friendly gut bacteria this was the cause of my digestion problems. I am so happy that I went for that consult, my digestion problems are totally gone and skin looks great.

Catherine, Mississauga

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