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Massage Therapy Testimonials

I had constant back pain due to my poor sitting habits, I went to Orthomed Clinic in Mississauga and had massage treatments. I really liked the atmosphere of the place, everything is clean, the staff is friendly and highly professional. I got a free consultation and had the first treatment right away, they even threw in some free physiotherapy for me. After 5 sessions I was good as new, now I go there every two weeks as prevention. I recommend this clinic to everyone , all my friends go there.

Amanda, Mississauga

From my experience massage at Orthomed Clinic is the best, great service, good prices, keep up the good work!!!!

Mohamed, Brampton

Great massage, very professional service, cured my nagging neck and shoulder pain in few weeks. Got recommendation to have massage and acupuncture together, wonderful results!!!!

Ali, Mississauga

Went to Orthomed clinic on Airport Rd. to get a relaxing facial massage (got referred by my co-worker), very pleasant procedure, my skin looks radiant, face muscles are tighter, reduced my double chin. Wonderful procedure, plus I can use my massage benefits.

Lovepreet, Brampton

I am a truck driver, from time to time I get very bad case of sciatica, the pain is gruelling, it shoots from my lower back down to my knee, I can't walk, I can't work, it is crippling. I found my salvation at Orthomed, massage therapy and acupuncture helped me a lot. Plus they recommended a special seat and a back support belt. I rarely have sciatica problems now, and if I do, I know where to go to get help.

Jack, Mississauga

I work out a lot, naturally my muscles are very sore, massage is the best solution. Massage therapists at Orthomed have very good hands, they take care of my sore muscles.

Amilie, Brampton

Thanks for good massage, it was very relaxing. I will definitely come again.

Anna P., Mississauga

Had tension headaches for over a month, went to the clinic because its near airport where I work, was very happy with the service. The only concern is booking appointments on the weekend (they are very busy on Saturdays, need to book a week ahead).

Linda, Misissauga

Very nice place, clean office, friendly and professional massage therapist. Administration helped me with paperwork to claim my work insurance. Got great service, plus a cheque from my insurance as reimbursement :) Really recommend going to Orthomed clinic in Mississauga.

Mat, Malton

I am a construction worker, got injured on the job, didnít know how to use my WSIB benefits for massage. Called Orthomed , they explained to me step by step what had to be done. All paperwork was done directly by the office, I got very good massage and physiotherapy plus didnít pay a cent. These people know what they are doing! Good service!

Rick, Mississauga

I walk a lot on my job at the airport, had foot pain. My friend gave me a phone number of this clinic, I went there and was extremely satisfied with the service. Got a free consult, scheduled the appointment right away, got recommendations for orthotics and orthopaedic shoes, my foot pain is gone! Now I tell my co-workers and friends to go there too.

Ranjit, Mississauga

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