Top of Foot Pain
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Top of Foot Pain

One of the most uncomfortable conditions encountered can be pain in the top of your foot. "Top of foot pain" is not uncommon, but fortunately it is often very easily relieved.

One of the most common causes of top of foot pain is inflamed extensor tendons on top of the foot due to irritation from shoes or laces which have been tied too firmly.

An easy way to relieve this type of pain in the top of the foot is to loosen the laces. If this fails to help then you may need to lace the shoe up just slightly differently in an effort to alleviate some of the pressure on the tendons on top of the foot.

There are various different lacing techniques which should be used for different foot types. For example if you have a high instep the top of the foot will be prone to irritation and pressure from the top of shoes and laces. In this situation you would use specific lacing for a high instep.

On the other hand, if you have a wide forefoot perhaps with the start of bunions then you would need a lacing technique designed specifically for a wider forefoot. This would help to prevent pain and irritation of this part of the foot.

Another common cause of "Top of foot pain" is navicular subluxation. This is easily relieved through joint mobilisation or manipulation by a Podiatrist.

Other causes of pain in the top of the foot include various forms of arthritis, nerve or blood vessel damage and inflammation of soft tissue structures. Boney damage should also be ruled out via specific x-rays and scans.