Plantar Warts
in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

What Are Plantar Warts?

Warts are lesions which can occur on any part of your body. It is very common to find warts on the soles of the feet. These are often referred to as "plantar" or "pedal warts". Another term used to describe warts on the soles of the feet is "verrucae pedis".

They are generally well circumscribed lesions which can occur either as a single lesion or in a group. Multiple warts are sometimes referred to as "mosaic verrucae".

Unlike corns which tend to look quite similar, warts have no skin lines running through them, are usually painful to squeeze and often have small black dots in their centre which represent the blood vessels within the wart tissue.

What Causes Warts?

Plantar warts are caused by a virus. There are many different types of wart viruses, some more resistant than others.

The wart virus can be picked up in public showers, swimming centres and walking barefoot over infected areas. Warts tend to be very contagious so family members with plantar warts should take care to prevent the spread of infection.

How Do You Treat Plantar Warts?

People often ask how to get rid of warts on the feet and my reply is always the same. Treat the viral infection and the lesions themselves but don't forget to take steps to boost the immune system as well.

If you fail to boost the immune system then warts along with the virus are likely to return. Treatment often involves a combination of: