Mallet Toes
in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

What is a Mallet Toe?

A mallet toe can be described as a toe which curls over or is flexed at the distal(end) toe joint.

What causes toes to curl over?
These toes may be caused by:

How are these curly toes prevented?
Preventing the development of toe deformities means controlling bone and muscle imbalances due to malalignment. This is usually carried out using a specific combination of exercises, taping, mobilisation and orthotic inserts.

How are mallet toes treated?
Initially, the treatment is focused on accommodating the deformity. This will include the use of a shoes with a broad or deep toe box and various types of useful toe supports including:

If foot or leg malalignment is present, this should be treated using orthotic appliances.

What happens if these curly toes are left untreated?
Abnormal pressure and irritation of skin can occur as a result of this deformity. This can lead to callous formation, corns and sometimes ulceration and/or infection.

So have your toes assessed. Early treatment can lead to successful results with conservative treatment measures. If left too long, toe surgery may be needed.

If you need further assistance, consult your podiatrist, chiropodist or foot doctor.