Heel Pain and Heel Spur Treatment Options
in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

Just what is the best heel spur treatment?

When it comes to heel spurs, you must first be absolutely clear on exactly what's causing your heel pain before you commence any treatment on your heel spur/s. Once the diagnosis is ascertained then treatment options for your heel pain are then considered.

Heel spurs don't cause pain!

Yes, you heard right - heel spurs DO NOT cause pain. The pain comes from inflammation and swelling of a large band of fibrous tissue underneath the heel. The only time a heel spur may cause pain is when it is fractured or broken. A fractured heel spur is extremely rare.

When the fibrous tissue beneath the heel bone becomes inflamed and swollen, it then attempts to heal itself through scar tissue formation. This tissue then continually damages itself whenever you get up from rest.

This re-injury process may occur either first thing in the morning when you take your first few steps or after sitting for a period during the day.

Once you understand this principle, then you will understand why it is totally useless to cut out a heel spur surgically.

The heel spur can be thought of as a symptom of an underlying problem. The problem is...

tearing of the plantar aponeurosis or plantar fascia as it is more commonly known.

Now you know what causes the heel pain associated with heel spurs, what is the best heel spur treatment?

Treatment of heel spur pain involves a combined approach using anti-inflammatory measures, foot orthotics, exercises, taping and sometimes bracing of the foot and leg. It is also essential to ensure footwear is supportive and fitted correctly