Hammer Toes
in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

What Is A Hammer Toe?

A toe which curls over or is flexed at the proximal (middle) toe joint of the smaller toes.

This problem may be either flexible or rigid based on the movement available at the affected joint.

What Causes A Hammer Toe?

There are a number of causes. These may include:

How Are Hammer Toes Prevented?

Preventing their development means controlling bone and muscle imbalances due to malalignment. This is usually carried out using a specific combination of exercises, mobilisation, orthotic shoe inserts and occasionally hammer toe splints are used.

How Are Hammer Toes Treated?

Initially, the hammer toe treatment will involve:

What happens if hammer toes are left untreated?

Hammer toes can cause abnormal pressure and skin irritation. Calluses and corns can result and in serious cases ulceration or infection may occur. Early treatment can lead to successful results without hammer toe surgery if you have a flexible hammer toe deformity. If your hammer toe is rigid then the only real effective cure is usually hammer toe surgery.

If you need further assistance, consult your podiatrist, chiropodist or foot doctor.