Growing Pains in Children
in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

The Myths About Growing Pains in Children

Growing pains in children are far more common than most parents or carers realise. Many children are going to school in pain everyday. Sadly, this pain can often be resolved quite easily.

It is sad because we are not listening to the messages their little bodies are telling us. The only way our bodies can tell us if something is not quite right is through pain.

Myth No. 1… It’s normal. Growing pains in children are NOT normal. When the body is not functioning correctly and causing undue stress on bones, ligaments and muscles, it results in pain. These stresses can be easily identified and treated.

Myth No.2… They’ll grow out of it. The cause of these abnormal stresses are rarely ever outgrown. The symptoms associated with them simply get a new label later in life. What starts off as growing pains often develops into some other type of overuse injury later on in life.

Myth No.3… Rest is the only cure. How do you tell a five year old or ten year old that they can’t play football, soccer, basketball or any other sport... that they have to wait to stop growing before they can participate. This advice is just ridiculous.

We must be encouraging our children to be fit, active and mobile. If your children are complaining of aching feet, heel pain, leg pain or back pain... there is a problem.

If they find it hard to sleep because of pain or even if they just find it hard to walk any reasonable distance, chances are that their little bodies are signalling something is wrong. Ignoring growing pains in children will not solve the problem.

By correctly assessing the way children walk using the latest in computerised video technology and performing a quick, safe and effective examination it is easy to get them back on track without the pain of aching feet, aching legs and general growing pains.