Foot Smell Solutions
in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

What causes foot smell?

Smelly feet are the result of excessive activity of certain germs which live on our bodies. Foot smell is affected by many factors and all of these can usually be controlled.

The problem is that your feet tend to live in a dark, warm, moist environment. The germs that thrive in these conditions cause the break down of perspiration on the skin and produce the foot odor that most of us know as smelly feet.

How Do You Treat Smelly Feet?

A number of foot odor control products exist. Initial treatment of foot smell odor involves:

Washing the feet daily with an antimicrobial soap. This may seem obvious but it is surprising just how little time is spent attending to this task. We often think that because the feet get wet in the shower, then they must be clean. Feet do require a little extra care and this is certainly the case if you suffer with foot smell odor.

Natural fibred socks are important in helping to improve moisture absorption and airflow. When purchasing socks or hosiery, look for woollen or cotton products where the percentage of natural material is over 80%. This will help in preventing foot odor.

Leather shoes are best when trying to prevent foot smell. Synthetic uppers on shoes restrict airflow. If you wear sneakers, try using those with an open weave fabric upper to improve airflow.

Foot antiperspirant sprays. These act in a similar way to those used under the arms.

Foot antiperspirant powders.

Excessive perspiration may be caused by systemic or hormonal imbalance which means consultation with a Podiatrist is advisable if you suffer with a foot smell complaint. In the absence of any systemic problems, your Podiatrist may recommend special foot baths with special additives to help reduce perspiration and foot odor. This should only be carried out under close supervision with your Podiatrist.