Broken or Fractured Toes
in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton

Broken toe?... How can you tell?

The first signs of a broken toe will be pain and a bruised, discolored toe may occur shortly after the initial trauma. Most toe fractures are the result of direct trauma of some kind.

Please note: "Fracture" is a term commonly used in place of "broken" and vice versa when talking about broken bones of any kind.

Stubbing toes and dropping things on them is extremely common. But, how do you know if it's a fractured toe?

Most broken or fractured toes will be swollen, red/or bruised, inflamed and painful (often moreso at night). It is always best to x-ray a foot following trauma to evaluate the damage.

Occasionally, broken foot bones may occur as a result of systemic disorders such as osteoporosis. For this reason evaluation is important especially when there seems to be no obvious history of trauma which has caused the fractured toe.

How do you treat a broken toe?

Fractured toe treatment involves:

Elimination of pressure from shoes/boots.

Splinting is often best to encourage healing with correct toe alignment.

Your podiatrist can advise you on this following x-ray evaluation. Just look under 'P' in the Yellow Pages or visit "Find a Podiatrist" to find a podiatrist close to you.

Surgery is rarely necessary unless the fracture has severely distorted the shape of the toe or where skin penetration by the toe bone has occurred.

How can you prevent toe fractures?

Toe fractures are best prevented by:

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