Food Allergy  and Food Sensitivity Tests Testimonials
Food Allergy  and Food Sensitivity Tests Testimonials 2
Food Allergy  and Food Sensitivity Tests Testimonials 3

Food Allergy and Food Sensitivity Tests Testimonials

I gained a lot of weight in short amount of time, didnít know why or how to lose it. A friend told me to see a naturopath for a consult. I googled naturopath around Airport Rd. area and got directed to Orthomed Clinic website. Had a consultation with a naturopath, she was very attentive, gave me great advice on diet and acupuncture treatments. She advised a blood test in a private naturopathic lab to see if my weight gain is caused by hormonal imbalance. She also advised a physician grade vitamin and supplement complex to promote weight loss and boost my metabolism. I lost 2lb in my first week. Great results, naturopathy really works!!! (as a bonus I claimed naturopathic services in my work insurance coverage and got all my money back :)

Diane, Toronto

My baby girl had food allergy, my doctor told me that it will pass.....I didnít want to use any pharmaceutical drugs on her, so went to see a naturopath. During the consult got advised to do a food panel allergy test, it turns out she was allergic to herbs and certain spices. Got prescribed naturopathic remedies that work great and best of all Ė no drugs!!! I recommend to see a naturopath to everyone.

Vicky, Mississauga

I noticed that my hair was thinning (and there are no bald men in my family, so it couldnít be genetic), I had a consultation with a naturopath and she advised a hair test to see the toxin levels in my body. I was surprised by results. Turned out I needed to do a full body detox, plus reduce my stress and strengthen my immune system. Now couple of months later I see new baby hairs growing, I feel more confident about my appearance now.

Richard, Mississauga

I am allergic to some foods, but all the conventional allergy tests could not identify the allergen. So I went to see a naturopath and had allergy test (90 + foods and spices), the downside was that the lab results took 3 weeks to come, but the naturopath determined that I had allergy towards spices and certain oats. This test was very helpful, it was easy and painless.

Elaine, Toronto

I did a hair analysis test at Orthomed clinic, it opened my eyes on some of my health issues, I never thought that a hair can tell so much about the condition of the body. Great results, very happy that clinicís naturopath advised me to do this test. (a bit lengthy waiting time for results-about 3 weeks)

Stephanie, Malton

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