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Custom Orthotics Testimonials

I work as a security guard and have to walk a lot on the job. In the past months I developed a dull pain in my feet. My doctor recommended for me to go to Orthomed Clinic and get orthotics. I got great service, free consultation, immediate casting. I picked up my orthotics a week later, and wear them every day, my foot pain is gone. Now I tell all my co workers to got to Orthomed and get custom orthotics, they work great.

Omar, Mississauga

I am very satisfied with my orthotics from Orthomed, good product, very affordable, plus they help with insurance paperwork.

Joseph, Toronto

I have diabetes and suffer from leg and foot pain. My doctor advised me to get custom made orthotics. My friend recommended for me to go to Orthomed and talk to Mrs. Kay, an orthotic specialist. Mrs. Kay was very nice and explained to me that I need a special orthotic due to my diabetes, also she recommended to wear specialized diabetic socks and orthopaedic shoes. I purchased the socks right away and ordered my orththotics. I had to wait over a week for the lab to make my orthotics and had to get special shoes to fit the orthotics. I've been wearing the shoes with orthotics for over a month now, my pain has decreased, I feel much better. As a bonus my work insurance covered all my expenses.

Georgina, Mississauga

I want to thank everyone at Orthomed, especially Mrs. Kay for great orthotics, my achy feet are doing great, no more pain, I can run marathons again!!!

Henry, Mississauga

My son has flat feet and my family doctor prescribed orthotics. I went to Orthomed in Mississauga because it was on my way to work. I got great service, free consultation, free casting, good quality custom made orthotics for my son. I also ordered a pair for myself and my husband. (PS: my husband's insurance reimbursed all that I paid for 3 pairs).

Iva, Mississauga

I am a nurse, I walk and stand a lot on my job, orthotics are number one solution for me. Orthomed provided very good service for me, the orthotic specialist is very knowledgeable, she helped me select a proper footwear and right orthotic. Now I can do my shifts and think about my patients and not my achy feet.

Jessica, Mississauga

I have bunions and they make my life hell. My husband referred me to Mrs. Kay a specialist at Orthomed Clinic for free consult. Mrs. Kay was very understanding and professional, she explained my options well, I felt very comfortable talking to her. I purchased custom made orthotics (picked them up in a week) and specialized orthopaedic shoes. Now my bunion pain has subsided, I can walk my dogs in the park now without any pain.

Melissa, Mississauga

I work in construction and wear orthotics on regular basis, Orthomed clinic made a good sturdy pair for me, plus suggested great safety boots to go along. Thank you for your help, I will definitely come back next year for another pair.

Zack, Mississauga

My five year old has pigeon toe feet and my doctor prescribed special orthotics, I went to Orthomed Clinic in Mississauga and they done a wonderful job. Everyone was nice and friendly, orthotics were made in a week's time, I am very satisfied with the service.

Linda, Brampton

My work buddies and I went to Orthomed to ask about orthotics and how to use our work benefits. An orthotic specialist gave us individual consultation and advised proper shoes. The clinic took care of all insurance related paperwork, I got my custom orthotics in a week and a cheque from my insurance in 3 weeks. I am very happy with the service I received.

Leon, mechanic

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