Medical Compression Stockings and Socks Testimonials
Medical Compression Stockings and Socks Testimonials 2
Medical Compression Stockings and Socks Testimonials 3

Medical Compression Stockings and Socks Testimonials

I have varicose veins, my doctor told me to go to Orthomed and purchase compression stockings. I got good service, great selection, stockings look and feel great, plus they billed my insurance directly.

Zara, Mississauga

I am a flight attendant with Air Canada, I am on my feet a lot, my legs get achy and ankles swell by the end of the shift. I got prescription to buy medical hosiery , wasn't sure where to go. My co worker referred me to Orthomed Clinic and Supply on Airport Rd., I was impressed with the selection, purchased couple of stockings (they don't look medical at all), got free consultation and fitting. Also got good advice for orthotics and proper shoes, it's a good one place stop for all health related needs.

Anna, Mississauga

I am quite satisfied with my medical socks from Orthomed, I wear them every day because they don't look medical, my feet are less tired.

Mark, Toronto

Recently I had varicose vein surgery, my surgeon told me to buy medical stockings and referred me to Orthomed Clinic and Supply. The staff was very friendly, I was measured and custom order was placed, I am very impressed with my experience at that store.

Hillary, Brampton

I am a school teacher, I stand and sit a lot at my job. At the end of the day I get cramps in my calves, my legs feel heavy. My mother advised me to check out Orthomed clinic (that's where she gets her stuff) for a free consult. I am very pleased with the service, knowledgeable staff, good prices, insurance reimbursement is guaranteed, downside-waited for over a week for my orthotics and stockings to arrive.

Linda, Toronto

My mother had nasty veins on her legs, I was afraid that I will develop varicose veins too. People at Orthomed recommended low compression socks and pantyhose, product looks very pretty, a bit pricy (I don't have work insurance), but overall I am satisfied with the service and product.

Angie, Toronto

I am a taxi driver, naturally sit a lot at my job, at the end of my day my feet swell up. My wife purchased compression socks from Orthomed and it solved my problem. Who knew that socks can do the trick?

Mohamed, Mississauga

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