Back & Knee Support Braces Testimonials
Back & Knee Support Braces Testimonials 2
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Back & Knee Support Braces Testimonials


I have a hernia in my spine, my doctor told me to go to Orthomed clinic and get a hernia back brace. I got good service, everything was explained to me. They didn't have my size in stock, so we had to make a special order. I didn't mind waiting for a week, they took care of my insurance papers for me. Good place.

Salima, Brampton

I drive a truck for a living, from all the sitting I get constant back pain. I take massage therapy at Orthomed, and got advised to get a back belt. It really works, my aches decreased, although it's not the most comfortable thing, but I guess I got used to it. Thanks for good advice.

Rob, Toronto

I am 8 months pregnant and my back is killing me, I am afraid to do massage, so staff at Orthomed introduced me to maternity back support, a wonderful thing, my back is much better.

Liz, Malton

I recently had a car accident, had to wear a back support belt, it definitely works.

Josh, Toronto


I have problem with my knees, never knew that I can wear a knee brace and reduce my pain until my consult with massage therapist at Orthomed. Good product, not very comfortable at first, but my pain has decreased.

Linda, Toronto

I have arthritis in my knees, my doctor advised to purchase a knee brace. I heard a commercial on TV and went to Orthomed. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, they selected a knee brace for me, helped me with billing ODSP, I am satisfied with the service.

Margaret, Mississauga

I am into sports, recently injured my knee, had to get a knee stabilizer, happy with results, I can actually continue with my exercises.

Jason, Brampton

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