Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture Testimonials
Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture Testimonials 2
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Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture Testimonials

Had horrible lower back pain, nothing helped got tired of taking Tylenol. Went to Orthomed Clinic on Airport Rd., massage therapist recommended massage and acupuncture. I was afraid of needles, so they did laser acupuncture....totally pain free, needle free......very good results. My back pain is gone, I feel great! Never thought that acupuncture would be so helpful.

Jessie, Brampton

Heard about cosmetic acupuncture from a friend that goes to Orthomed Clinic, went for a free consult. Friendly therapist explained to me that its a great anti aging treatment, plus they do laser acupuncture (no needles, no pain). Had 10 treatments, great results, skin looks more radiant and tight. I also got advised to claim my acupuncture benefits and get a reimbursement from my work insurance. Thank you for great service and advice!

Reeba, Mississauga

My son had a horrible flu, I did not want to give him antibiotics. Went to Orthomed Clinic on Airport Rd., in couple of treatments (acupuncture + physiotherapy) he was healthy again.

Nancy, Brampton

I have horrible PMS, always take pills to reduce pain. My friend told me to go and speak with practitioners at this clinic in Mississauga. Was very happy with the consult, received acupuncture treatments, made me feel much better. Now I go there every month to relieve the pain and irritation.

Alice, Mississauga

I had tension headaches, my friend recommended to have acupuncture, but I am afraid of needles..... searched the web and was directed to Orthomed Clinic for laser acupuncture. Very fast, painless and effective treatment......most importantly-no needles!!! They even claimed my insurance company directly, so I didnít pay out of my pocket. My headaches are in the past, I feel great!

Liz, Brampton

Acupuncture works!!!! Great service, cured my neck pain. Thank you for getting my health back!

Volodimyr, Mississauga

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